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Women's Swimwear 2024: A Roundup of the Best Swimwear Brands

I have a passion for cute bikinis— plus, swimwear is one of the best compliments to Reshelled Jewelry. With so many brands to choose from, I've rounded up 31 of the best swimwear brands you'll want to be wearing this year featuring my top three suits from each brand. 

I love to shop small, sustainable swimwear lines, and am partial to the itsy bitsy variety—but this list includes something for everyone! 

Here’s a list of the best women’s swimwear brands to shop in 2024:

Best Women's Swimwear Brands for 2024

1. Reina Olga

Reina Olga Swimwear

The ultimate Italian cool-girl line. They say no bikini is too small, and I agree. They not only have cool swimwear, their branding and overall personality really makes a splash. 

Reina Olga might just be my top women’s swimwear brand of 2024. Shop for sexy staples and fresh, retro prints.

Shop Reina Olga


2. Monday Swimwear

Founders Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are known as “swimwear connoisseurs” to many, but more noticeably for their strong advocacy of body positivity. 

Monday Swimwear is known for its iconic feminine designs, immaculate fit, soft-to-touch feel and enduring quality. 

They just did a bomb rebrand and I’m a sucker for branding—I’ll be swiping up very soon.

Shop Monday Swimwear


3. Montce


Montce believes you should feel confident and comfortable in your swimwear, which is why they pride themselves on being fit-focused. Their new season is focused on vintage vibes and floral prints. 

Shop Montce


4. Cleonie

Cleonie is an independent label, family owned and operated on the beaches north of Sydney, Australia. They cut and sew everything to order, lowering the amount of waste in materials and excess stock. 

Shopping from sustainable swimwear companies makes me irrationally happy. The crinkle cut fabric and ring detailing is not to be missed. 

In fact, they’re often getting copied, so make sure you buy from the original source!

Shop Cleonie


5. L*Space

L*Space Swimwear

L*Space is an OG in the era of cool swim. They describe themselves as the quintessential California beach lifestyle brand that believes the perfect fit is everything. In a new collaboration, LSpace has partnered with Tess Brooks to release a steamy line of festival inspired suits. Neutral lovers – this one’s for you!

The best thing about this brand is that every woman, no matter your style, age, and coverage preference can find something they’re excited about.

Shop L*Space


6. Frankie's Bikinis

Frankie's Bikinis

Frankie’s is a hot girl summer standard. Known for tiny cuts and bright colors, they’re somehow extremely flattering and body positive. Not to mention, the brand is always releasing a funky new collaboration. I recommend ordering a size up.

The founder, Francesca Aiello, is another one to watch. She started ideating the brand at age 17 and says that swimwear was always in the cards. In addition to shopping sustainably when I can, I love supporting women-owned businesses. 

Shop Frankie's Bikinis


7. Heavy Manners

Heavy Manners

Lovers of cute prints and cheeky thongs, this is the brand for you. Their swim is made in small-batches and woman-owned, this brand is one to keep an eye on. Hailey Beiber and other celebs have recently rocked these retro pieces on vacation. 

Founder, Lisa Caprio, had no background in fashion or swimwear but quickly disrupted the somewhat-saturated industry. She likes to remind people that “you don’t have to do things the “right” way or by the handbook” to succeed. 

Shop Heavy Manners for classic, sexy fits with playful, childhood reminiscent prints. Pro tip: follow the Instagram to be aware of new releases, her drops sell out super-fast.

Shop Heavy Manners


8. TJ Swim

Releasing their first sustainable swim line in 2021, TJ Swim is going to be big. They have a realistic goal set to work with only recycled or sustainable materials by 2023. With bikinis this chic, I can’t wait to see more!

I’ve gotten tagged by TJ Swim constantly, so props to whoever runs their social!

Shop TJ Swim


9. Away That Day

Away That Day
Lift without padding or underwire? Sign me up. And they’re sustainable? Someone hide my wallet.

Away That Day has a great swim recycling program on top of their eco-friendly corn packaging. The Econyl® fiber they use throughout their line supports the removal of marine debris from our ocean and is made from regenerated waste including ocean plastics, nylon scraps, and ghost fishing nets.

This yarn is then used to create the luxurious, soft and durable fabric they use to make their swimwear.

shop away that day


10. Esther Rel

Esther Rel

Esther Rel has a collection of simple, elegant bikinis designed on 30A and made in Columbia. The founder, Kayla Rooks, is one of those people that was born with great taste. I’m looking forward to watching the brand develop and shopping each new collection. 

Kayla (pictured far-right) modeled in the last Reshelled shoot and outfitted the models in her latest swimwear. Esther Rel and Reshelled look great together if I do say so myself. 

Shop Esther Rel


11. Triangl

Triangl Swim

These cute bikinis are easy to wear. They’re absolutely no-fuss, easily attractive swimwear with an active woman in mind. Swimwear meant to actually swim in, what a concept. Triangl looks especially good on the itty bitty titty committee. 

Of note: don’t miss out on their sparkle fabric for 2024, I’m going to need the brown suit on the left.

Shop Triangl


12. Tropic of C

Tropic of C

Eco-lifestyle brand Tropic of C was started by Candice Swanepoel—her beach vibes are impeccable. The brand encourages mixing and matching, and their one pieces double as bodysuits. 

One of Candice’s notable jobs was with Victoria’s Secret modeling their swimwear. And while I no longer support Victoria’s Secret’s values, you know that Candice knows the ins and outs of swimwear from that experience.

Check out her sexy suits, especially the sustainable collection.

shop tropic of c


13. Beach Riot

Beach Riot

Stop right here for 80’s cuts and color blocking high waisted suits. Beach Riot is for those who like to have fun. Lucky you, if there’s a particular print you’re crushing on, they likely made it into a workout set and cover up too. 

Beach Riot designs every collection with a destination in mind, so maybe buy a bikini and then book the recommended flight? It’s vacation time.

shop beach riot


14. Bamba Swim

Bamba Swim

BAMBA is a small swimwear label, designed by a team of creatives that grew up along the coastal borders of Australia— ok, cool. They’re inspired by the 80’s that birthed a generation of empowered women, and try to showcase the true meaning of comfort in their own skin (while wearing a bikini).

Shop Bamba Swim


15. Vitamin A 

Vitamin A Swimwear

Vitamin A is another OG on the cool swimwear brand list. They believe good style and sustainability are inseparable. Through long lasting swimwear and donations to organizations that fight climate change, they strive to make the beach a better place one swimsuit at a time.

This is another brand that can usually please the masses while still somehow being as cool as ever. 

shop vitamin a


16. Stone Fox Swim

Stone Fox Swimwear

A vibrant, wanderlust fueled swimwear label focused on community. Stone Fox Swim has been an “it” women's swimwear brand for a while now and they’ve kept up with the times—every collection they drop is immaculate. 

They embody a slower pace to living, something you’ll agree with as soon as you slip one on.

Shop Stone Fox Swim


17. Hunza G

Hunza G

Hunza G has been around since the 80’s. With modern nostalgia at its core, Hunza G is an iconic brand synonymous with the beach. Its 80’s roots bring a cool and contemporary twist to beachwear in bold hues. 

Their signature Seamless Crinkle Technology fits approx. a UK size 6-16, making all Hunza G a One Size Fit, pretty neat.

Of note: they made the cutout dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman and recently brought it back. A stroll down Rodeo Drive, anyone?

Shop Hunza G


18. Belle The Label

Belle The Label

Inspired by doing more with less, Belle offers ethically produced swim and inimitable lounge made with the intention to celebrate both form and function. The suits are neutral, tonal, sensual, and sleek.

Shop Belle The Label


19. MIMI the label

MIMI the label

MIMI the label is the height of luxury swimwear. Started out of a West Village apartment, each style embodies and is thoughtfully named after a confident, inspiring woman in founder Katharine or Haley’s lives. 

Reshelled is the same way, with each piece named after a woman I love.

Shop MIMI the label


20. Skatie


Based in Venice, California, Skatie is inherently cool. They create sustainable swimwear that epitomizes the laid back, California vibe. Using exclusively surplus & upcycled fabrics, they aim to disrupt the wasteful practices of the fashion industry. Not to mention, the suits are very cute.

They recently partnered up again with The Salty Blonde—the content from this collaboration is *chefs kiss*.

Shop Skatie


21. Gonza

Gonza Swimwear

Gonza was founded by two Latina sisters, Sofia and Victoria Villarroel. These bikinis are bold and psychedelic with interesting prints and bright colors—perfect for any and all trips.

I’m excited to shop this new brand.

Shop Gonza


22. bond-eye Australia

bond-eye Australia

Another Australian brand, Bond-eye, has flattering cuts and a new eco-swim label. Asking for a friend, if I wear Australian swimwear will the Hemsworth brothers be interested? Adding to cart, stat. 

Shop Bond Eye


23. Maygel Coronel

Maygel Coronel

Calling all chic girls—Maygel Coronel swimwear is for you. They have beautiful pieces with amazing flair. Anyone wearing Maygel Coronel loves attention, but only for their classic taste. I approve wholeheartedly.

Shop Maygel Coronel


24. Oséree 

Oséree Swimwear

From the French verb Ose - to dare - comes this timeless swimwear label that puts a sparkly touch to all its sophisticated pieces. Each collection is sculpted with the natural figure of the female body in mind. 

Rich in details, each piece is intended for the wearer to feel confident in her own skin. 

Shop Oséree


25. Wanderlust Swim

Wanderlust Swimwear

The newest collection from Wanderlust Swim is just gorgeous. Using soothing neutral tones and classic shapes, these swimsuits are classic. Their thoughtful yet simple silhouettes offer the perfect seaside staple that you can forever treasure.

Shop Wanderlust Swim


26. Fella

Fella Swimwear

Fella Swim is an IT-GIRL favorite. Their newest collection is filled with bright reds and blues that would look very at home on the Italian riviera. If you’re looking for a specific silhouette, Fella Swim is probably the answer.

Shop Fella Swim


27. Erth Swim

Erth Swimwear

An Aussie girl at heart, the founder of Erth Swim puts swimming first when designing a new line. They feature mix and match eco separates and classic silhouettes. 

I’m currently obsessed with their one-piece suit that zips down the front—hot.

Shop Erth Swim


28. Sommer Swim

Sommer Swimwear

These suits are meant to be shown off. Sommer Swim is a cleavage first, brazilian wax second brand—perfect for the upcoming hot girl summer.

Shop Sommer Swim


29. Inamorata Swim 

Inamorata Swimwear

Inamorata is a brand designed by Emily Ratajkowski that originally launched as a swimwear line. If you follow her, you know she knows her way around a bikini.

These suits are barely-there and insta-ready.

Shop Inamorata


30. Solid and Striped

Solid and Striped

A small but extremely popular women's swimwear brand, Solid and Striped is a longtime favorite. Their line relies on a few core shapes to cut down on waste, but you wouldn’t know it from their chic releases. Their one pieces are second to none, and provide a bit more coverage while remaining super chic.

Solid and Striped also donnes a beautiful collection of resort-wear clothing. The brand will take you from the beach to sophisticated cocktails.

Shop Solid and Striped


31. Ancora Swim

Ancora Swimwear

Ancora Swimwear is a super exciting line that plays with ruffles and other swimwear garnishes. Their sophisticated cuts feel daring yet classic, and will leave you feeling absolutely gorgeous as you soak up the rays. Probably on catamaran. Probably with a glass of rosé.

Shop Ancora Swimwear

Shop the best women's swimwear brands for 2022

The cool swimwear options are limitless, but those are my current and classic favorites. Most of the brands listed have matching cover ups or chic resort-wear options; one of my favorite swimwear 2022 trends is a full set including a matching sarong.

Whether you’re hitting the beaches of Florida or jetting to Croatia’s yacht week, you’ll find the perfect swimsuit on this list.