Best Sellers

The Ella Earrings

The Ella Earrings are Jessie's favorite piece — they go with everything and elevate all outfits.


The Taylor Necklace

The Taylor Necklace is new this season and an immediate best seller. Make a statement with this oyster stunner.


The Victoria Body Chain

The Victoria Body Chain warrants all-day compliments. Wear this piece with swimwear or under tops and dresses.


Customer Love

"I just received the Beach Bolo Tie and it's even better than I expected. Thank you so much. I'll be leaving a 5 star review. I wish so badly that I had enouhg time to order more before my vacation!"

Kasey Powers, PA

I just opened my package and to say I’m obsessed with my AK necklace would be an understatement!! Omg!! It’s gorgeous! As soon as my friends see this beauty, I know they will be placing an order. Thank you!!!

Kelly Edwards, AL

"I'm so obsessed with mine, got them yesterday!! I'm gonna order more for my friends for Christmas, just deciding for who and how many!"

Addie Head, GA

I LOVE THESE! I don't know if I can stand giving 3 of these ladies beautiful earrings and not get a matching pair for myself, haha. Is it too late to order another similar pair for me?"

Sally Ann Mitchell, CO

"I went for a walk today and I have to say I LOVE wearing my white shell earrings with my all black parka and beanie, it's so cute!"

Camille Barron, NYC